Is it updating or advertising?


You’re probably familiar with this screen:

With every new release Adobe shows this dialogue on your screen expecting you to tick that check-box and press the install button. If you have several computers you have to deal with this dialogue on all those computers every time a new update is ready. But recently Adobe has increased the frequency of these updates so it’s really becoming a unnecessary, annoying distraction. Just looking at how the screen real estate is used in the above dialogue, one can conclude that more than 50% of the dialogue is used for the logo and branding. Can it be that Adobe is using this dialogue as an advertisement?


Put a little check box that reads like: “Update automatically to the future releases” and let the software upgrade in the background! After all, Flash is not the reason many people use their computer. Google Chrome does a good job when updating! Many people even don’t know what is their Google Chrome version number. They don’t need to! They just focus on what matters: browsing.


Java suffered from the same poor design in its updating process. Guess what? Many people (including me) uninstall it after we see the annoying update message. I used to be a Java programmer, nevertheless I don’t have time to update the JRE with every new minor release. Flash however is still more practical in a day to day browsing experience, so uninstalling it is not a wise choice now.


Today (2012-04-02) after updating Flash, I was presented with this dialog box that shows Adobe now cares more about the user experience of the update procedure:

Adobe Flash auto-update dialogue


2 thoughts on “Is it updating or advertising?

  1. This isn’t the only problem with Flash updating. When I boot up my computer Flash likes to show 1 update window where I have to click the box then click the install button to update the application. And then once that is done another window pops up that looks slightly different and I have to click install without clicking the box other wise it disables the button.

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