JYSK missed one single nut


This one is not a computer user interface blog post strictly speaking but it has its own lessons to learn and is fun. Recently I had to buy some furniture. I chose some of the furniture from a new JYSK shop around my home and some of them from IKEA. In total I bought 40+ items for about 4200 US$. JYSK is a Danish brand while IKEA is from Sweden. The reason I shopped from JYSK is basically the better prices and the fact that it was so close to my home.

There are several things I learned from this experience that I’d like to share:

  1. Anyway, all the products that I bought required assembling. I have a habit of carefully counting the screws and nuts. But unfortunately with my JYSK bed, I wasn’t very lucky and one single nut was missing. For that matter I could not use the bed and this huge piece of furniture had to remain at one corner of the room till the next day that I wen to the shop and got the missing nut.
  2. Since I bought many big items from both shops I had to use the delivery service. The delivery person from JYSK wasn’t very helpful. First of all I had to talk to him for a few minutes to convince him that the narrow road in front of my home is actually used by cars in case of delivery. Secondly, he only carried part of the furniture can asked me to carry the rest with him and he even didn’t carry the stuff upstairs (IKEA delivery brought the stuff into my home). Third, while I was busy carrying stuff he throw some cartoons from his car in front of my home. For several days I didn’t know who was the “nasty neighbor” who left their “JYSK cartoons” in front of the home (because the pictures on the cartoons showed a different type of bed than the one I bought), till someone told me to pick them up because it is mine! It was very irresponsible of him to leave the cartoons (which were actually from another customer) in front of my home.
  3. Several days after shopping, a guy called me from JYSK marketing research team to ask a few questions. I asked him if he can speak in English (in Sweden basically most people can speak English even the bus drivers).  But he said (in English) that his research is only meant to be carried in Swedish and he’s sorry. In other words, they gave me a bad service and the only chance that they could get a feedback was missed because their market research wasn’t doesn’t get feedback from English-speaking customers.


I don’t know if I should compare IKEA to JYSK because it’s like an “orange vs apple” comparison but in this case everything that JYSK did wrong IKEA did right:

  1. With every IKEA furniture that I’ve bought so far, no matter how complex the structure was, it never had one screw less or more than necessary. Just about the right number. It is “lagom” as it’s said in Swedish. I don’t know how IKEA manages to do it. I’m seriously surprised how they get it right. I have literally used hundreds of screws and even a single one was not missing. Even the wrench or anything other than a hammer and screw driver is included in the package! It was a pain to buy something and be forced to go all the way to the shop just because they were not careful enough to put a piece of metal in the package which weights less than 20gr but is a crucial part of that 70Kg piece of furniture!
  2. IKEA delivery guys brought their car till right in front of my home. They already knew the route. No discussion necessary. They were extremely polite and after delivery they thanked me for shopping from IKEA. I didn’t have to help them, but I did pick some small stuff. They left no garbage for me and most importantly they delivered the stuff till inside my home.
  3. I received an email from IKEA market search for a short online survey which was available in several languages. I was more than happy to fill that out and let them know why I’ll be shopping from IKEA instead of JYSK. I felt I was heard and my money was well-spent. Now that I look back I see my JYSK stuff was probably 10% cheaper than their IKEA counterparts but I’m much happier with the IKEA stuff.

I guess that explains why IKEA is much bigger than JYSK. They have a good customer-oriented production and support.


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