Apple wants you to install QuickTime to watch Macbook Pro advertisement on PC


A few months ago Apple recently released a new Macbook Pro and as a prospective buyer I decided to check out their website to get some info about its features and see if it’s a good deal to convert from PC to Mac. What I saw on Apple’s website was a good hint to what I’m experiencing after switching to mac:

apple wants you to install quicktime to watch ads about macbook pro

Apple wants you to install quicktime to watch ads about macbook pro. Why should a user bother to convert to Apple before even switching to their hardware. Is that particular ad technically so complicated that the user cannot watch it with any of the conventional methods like Flash or HTML5 video? Of course not! The answer is: Apple is a control freak and tries to limit the users to its own technologies. Not a good impression. Why did I switch to Mac anyway? Because that’s the closest I can get to Unix and still be able to run Adobe Creative Suit software which is an essential software for web development. Adobe software isn’t available on Linux.


Use any other conventional and popular method to embed the video on your site. I mean come on! Many windows users don’t have QuickTime. Why would they even bother to install it just to watch an ad? Do you really think potential Apple users are as religious as Apple fanboys?

Anyway, advertisement is one of the motives that sometimes contradicts with user friendliness. That is sometimes because of advertisement, a user process is made harder than it can be. Not good. Think about how inconvenient are the tv ads in the middle of a movie. Ads are evil. Well, most of the times! ;)


When Apple introduced iPad mini on 24th of October, this problem didn’t exist on their website. The videos are embedded using standard HTML5 techniques.


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