WordPress update fails


I was trying to update my other blog which runs WordPress on a PHP host. After about a minute, the following error showed up:

WordPress 3.4 update error

Naturally the first thing I did was to click the “Help” button. But nothing showed up! In fact it seems the “Help” is there just to make you more annoyed about what things don’t work! ;)

There is no clear action to do –no button, no suggestion! The error description is not very understandable for the average user. Obviously there is an error in line 200 of some PHP source code of WordPress software. But am I (as a blogger) supposed to solve it?

Some other users had a similar problem after upgrading from WordPress 3.3 to 3.4.


Provide simple information about what went wrong and how the user can fix it. In this case, maybe the error can suggest an error code to search on the Internet, or simply suggest the user to send an error report. Sure there’s someone in WordPress community who can take care of the error in line 200 of that PHP file!

But the best error is the error that doesn’t happen. My blog is pretty simple in terms of software –no special extension or fancy plugin! Yet it failed to upgrade. WordPress developers probably haven’t tested this release thoroughly. And poor quality is the last thing I would like to assign to a popular software like WordPress, but quite frankly I expected better from such a widely used product.


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