Adobe is really persistent about updating


Adobe Acrobar reader has this update dialog that shows up every now and then. The dialog has a Yes and No button but that’s just an illusion. The No button is practically not clickable and not focusable! But if you keep clicking on it eventually the dialog disappears. This has happened several times and every time I have to press the No button harder! So I decided to take a snapshot, blog about it and contact Adobe regarding this issue.

Adobe Acrobat update dialog

Adobe Acrobat update dialog

I personally don’t like it when a part of the system is aggressively asking for update. Particularly when it is Adobe. We haven’t forgotten Flashback, one of the biggest Mac security issues. I know the virus wasn’t made by Adobe, but when an application trains the user’s mind that it needs to be updated often, that very user experience will be an easy target for hackers.

Even though this dialog has a No button, Adobe is actually forcing you to press Yes. It’s not nice. It’s not intuitive. It’s not respectable. It’s annoying.


There are three solutions to this issue:

  1. First of all, improve the quality of your software to reduce the number of updates. There are many applications on a system. If each of them wants to update every now and then user experience will reduce. Remember: no one buys a computer for the purpose of updating it. People buy a computer to have some tasks done (work or game or whatever). Don’t get in their way, even for seconds.
  2. Do the updates automatically behind the scene. I really like the way Google Chrome updates itself. It’s very subtle. It’s polite. The menu icon will glow to indicate an update. The update will automatically install on your next browser lunch. It remembers the tabs and goes exactly to the state it was before the upgrade. That’s good user experience.
  3. The least you can do is to make the No button clickable. The very fact that there is a button that only works when someone is punching it angrily shows Adobe user experience designers either don’t feel responsible, or don’t care for the user’s peace of mind.


Adobe’s Flash update window shows unnecessarily too often. Maybe I’m an exception, but I haven’t bought my computer for spending time updating system software. I happen to own a copy of Cretive Cloud as well. Adobe updates happen so often that sometimes I think updates are being pushed for the sole purpose of advertisement.

Adobe Flash Update Screen

Adobe Flash Update Screen